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Olimpia Sultana

/ Curator, , BNA 2023
/ Curator, , BNA 2021

She graduated from the Faculty of History and holds a master’s degree in Information Management in Contemporary Society – Department of Information and Documentation Sciences, Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest. She has worked as a librarian since 1997 at the Metropolitan Library in Bucharest (BMB). She was part of the team in charge of the implementation of integrated library programmes/systems in the BMB network, which made possible the integration of the library in the national and international information organizations. In the period 2011-2015 she served as head of the Public Services Development, Prospective Assessment and Marketing department.

As from September 2016, she has been working as librarian and publications coordinator at the library of the Romanian Union of Architects. She coordinates the library activities at the documentary and computerised levels, and is in charge of the development, methodical organization, maintenance and managment of the library collections and databases, both from a traditional and an informatical point of view; provides access to the collections, information, materials and services so as they contribute to meeting the library beneficiaries’ intelectual needs for information, documentation and research (students, master’s candidates, doctoral candidates, members of the teaching staff, and researchers).

She took part in the organization and development of numerous cultural events and actions held by the Romanian Union of Architects, from book promotions and launches, exhibitions, seminars and symposia to the National Biennials of Architecture in 2016, 2018 and 2021, the editions of the Venice Biennale in 2018, 2020 and 2023, as well as events organized in Poland, Israel and the like, gaining an extensive experience and knowledge of the book market in Romania.