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Caroline Fernolend

Executive Director of Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET) and one of the most renown activists for the conservation of authenticity and community spirit. She has led a 20-year fight to save the local community by carrying out projects oriented towards the preservation of traditional elements in the community and the love for local heritage.

The initial goal, that of the rehabilitation of endangered built heritage, was replaced with projects which enliven heritage, render it useful and make it part of the community life by empowering and engaging the locals via training courses in traditional building techniques so as to help raise people’s living standards through the valorization of cultural and natural heritage.

She fights to keep in balance the influence tourism has on the villagers’ everyday life.

She has implemented more than 1200 projects of different typologies comprising public space planning, saplings planting, training courses in traditional techniques and rehabilitation of buildings under private, public or religious ownership, both in rural and urban environments.