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Ștefan Paskucz

/ Member of the jury, , BNA 2023
/ Member of the jury, , BNA 2021

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca, attended postgraduate studies in the field of architectural heritage restoration, did European training on architectural restoration with an internship in Venice and works at SC 9. Opţiune SRL in Baia Mare. He is certified by the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and is the founding member of ARTE+ Foundation.

For 8 years, as president of the North-West branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, he was in charge of cultural projects, he organized summer schools and symposia with the theme of syncretism of arts (with The Union of Plastic Artists in Baia Mare), architecture and photography (2013), architecture and graphic art (2014), architecture and painting (2016), architecture and music (2017), architecture and theatre (2018).

He organizes cultural events and the Jazz Festival.

He is the recipient of the Grand Prize of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs in 2004; “Nicolae Ghika-Budeşti” Award of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs; the Diploma awarded by the President of the Romanian Order of Architects Romania 2009; 3rd Prize at the competition Helsinki Philips City-People-Light Award 2015; LAUD Mention for the “Design of a Public Space in a Historical Centre”; the Jury’s Award at the Triennial of Restoration 2016; German Design Award 2018 and Award of the Biennial of Architecture 2018 for the “Rehabilitation and Promotion of the Cultural and Historical Identity of Citadel Square and Stephen’s Tower”; the President’s Award by the Romanian Union of Architects at BNA 2018 and “Duiliu Marcu” Award of the Romanian Academy in 2019 for the “Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Painters’ Colony in Baia Mare”.

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