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Oana Simionescu

/ Member of the jury, Ephemeral, BNA 2023

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Polytechnic University in Timișoara in 2010. She is associate and founding member at S.C. Proiect Faber, Faber Association and FOR Group, doctoral candidate and assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Polytechnic University in Timișoara. She worked at the design studios S.C. Atelier Trei and Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG.

Coordinator of the Architecture Annual and Biennial in Timișoara (A_TA, BETA), local coordinator at De-a Arhitectura. Collaborations with the specialized press – magazines Arhitectura, Zeppelin, Arhitext, Igloo as well as a series of major architecture events, such as the Venice Biennial of Architecture – 2012; GRI Galați; Suburbanscapes – 2012; Farmers’ Markets; the exhibition catalogue Despre Locuire [On Housing]; the guide Unde Locuiesc Eu; The Architectural Stamp Duty – A Community Resource – Cultural and Editorial Projects, 2015 – 2018; Future Shapers; FABER, the place of the creative community in Timișoara; Cum a renăscut un cartier istoric al Timișoarei dintr-un amalgam de platforme industriale abandonate [How a historical neighbourhood in Timișoara reemerged from a mix of abandoned industrial platforms]; My School – Teachers’ Views on School Physical Environment in Romania; Triplex Confinium - A Collection of Pluridisciplinary Experiments and Field Research etc.

She is recipient of various distinctions and awards of which we mention:

2019 – The Investment of the Year for 2018 for Consumer Education – undelocuiesceu. – Real Estate Professionals Club;

2017 – Runner-up at Europan 13, Norway: Preparing Density – Europan Europe;

2016 – Nomination – AFCN Award for Cultural Management – AFCN;

2015 – Runner-up at Europan 12, Sweden: The Circle. The Path. The Field of Action – Europan Europe