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Mihai RACU is architect and assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca.

In 2015, he defended his PhD dissertation with the theme “The Quality of Housing Areas in Romania after 1989”.

He is president of the Cluj branch of the Romanian Union of Architects and president of the Centre for Built Environment.

The demographic and social changes along with climate change and the concern for resource use place us in a position to reconsider the way in which we inhabit space.

The dream of the suburbs seems to have an uncertain future while collective housing, life in a dynamic community, with benefits stemming from proximity or costs, is making up ground after a time when 'life in a flat' was associated with a lack of comfort.

The quality and affordability of housing are two of the main factors influencing the quality of life. We find ourselves in a moment where architects are experimenting, assessing typologies and trying to reinvent a 'classic' programme.

The National Biennial of Architecture is an excellent opportunity to debate these pursuits together now.”