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Ana Maria Goilav

Practising architect and researcher, lecturer at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning; cofounder of the Buneşti School, a college of architecture and liberal arts (; vicepresident of OAR Bucureşti (2014-2018); director of opinion magazine A&B – The Architects and Bucharest.

She runs her own architecture practice. Between 2014-2015, she was the coordinator of the educational workshops section within the RURAL working group of OAR. Author of several scientific and architectural criticism articles in national and international magazines; coauthor along with Petre Guran of the book Acasă. Şcoala de la Buneşti. Oameni, cărţi, case [At Home. The Buneşti School. People, Books, Houses], 2017, UAUIM Publishing House.

She holds a PhD in ecclesial architecture (2011, UAUIM) with the thesis The Central Sanctuary in Early Christianity. A Hierotopical Investigation. Alumna of New Europe College and Accademia di Romania in Rome. Visiting Professor of Calea Victoriei Foundation and collaborator in the educational project De-a Arhitectura.

She has benefitted from several research grants: 2010-2011, New Europe College, NEC-UAR research grant; study internships in Syria-Antioch and Asia Minor; 2008-2010, Rome, Accademia di Romania, “Vasile Pârvan” research grant; 2002-2003, Yerevan, ONBSS research grant, with the project Armenian Prototypes of Byzantine Ecclesial Architecture (4th-7th centuries).

As of 2008, she is the coordinator of the experimental architecture workshops at the Buneşti School, where she implements principles of ecological architecture and sustainable development correlated with the local values of rural cultural landscape. Founding member of the Rural Artisans Network (2015) and partner of the associations De-a Arhitectura and Momentum (2014-2016).

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